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A little about the company:

Techno-Punk Girl Accessories is a new company geared to women in technology (Don't worry guys! You are welcome here too!). I love to take old computer parts; jazz them up a bit and make them reusable in a unique fashion! Clothing accessories, home accessories and everything in between using parts rescued from the demise of a dump or garbage can! Reusability is our motto! Why throw these items away when we can have fun, to let you express yourself in your own geeky way! I am always making new ideas on how to make things from salvaged parts.

About the Creator

Greetings! I came up with the idea of the items on this site (Some are already being done by other people, some have not been done). I work full time in the Information Technology sector as a Systems Administrator in the Bay Area in sunny California. In my day to day work, I see MANY things that get tossed due to non functionality (they go to recycle places). I have also seen how interested people are on how the inside of a computer looks. Many of the people I have worked with had never seen the inside of a PC or laptop until I showed up for a repair! Seeing the interest people had in how cool the designs of system boards looked I took it upon myself to think of how I could make things from the old dead parts. This is how Techno-Punk Girl Accessories was born!


We now have products! More on the way, go see them on the products page. All items are being sold through at the moment.

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